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Looking for a band, jazz trio, string players for your special event? Maybe you need a full orchestra or extra musicians for a traveling show. Whatever you require, our union-approved contractors will be happy to assist you. Just call our office at:                

(202) 337-9325 or click to find telephone/email info .

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Classical Jazz/Pop
Tobi Cisin Robert Dodelin Peter BerenBregge Richard Bray
Rita Eggert Ronald Erler Daniel Burbine
Langston Fitzgerald III Dingwall Fleary Arthur Dawkins David Detwiler
Edward Goldstein Matthew Guilford Robert Dodelin Rita Eggert
Earl Jackson Jon Kalbfleisch Rachel Erickson Luis Garay
Jim Kelly Susan Kelly Edward Goldstein Earl Jackson
Kenneth Krohn Pamela Lassell Jim Kelly  Susan Kelly
Fred Marcellus Bruno Nasta Clarence Knight Kenneth Khron
Leon Neal McCusker & Barrick Bruno Nasta
Glenn C. Paulson Sandra Quaschnick Leon Neal Glenn C. Paulson
Steven Romer Cindy Rosenberg Glenn Pearson Paul Scimonelli
 Paul Schultz Nancy Jo Snider Robert G. Smith Michael Thomas
John Stephens Nancy Switkes Edward Walters
Amy Thomas Edward Walters Andrew White Roger Whitworth
Andrew White Roger Whitworth  David Wright
Musical Theatre
Jay Crowder  Rita Eggert George Fulginiti-Shakar  Edward Goldstein

Jon Kalbfleisch


 Susan Kelly Bruno Nasta  Edward Walters